He Has A Name...

A few weeks ago I was honored to photograph the birth of this beautiful boy and am happy to show you more of baby Roman Scott Feinauer.

Emma and I had a blast spending the afternoon with our friends Nichole & Scott and the kids and photographing Roman again for his newborn session.  He was 2 weeks old during this session and was so cute and cooperative :)

Snuggling with mom, one of his favorite spots

with Daddy, another favorite spot

Sophie getting in on the photo taking action...  with Bella and Joey looking on

admiring their new baby boy

Roman loved my basket with the soft blanket and slept away from mom or dad for a while.  It was hard taking him out to come home.  I think Emma would have packed him right up to bring home to play with her

Before heading out we played a bit with the kids...  and I took the opportunity to capture their goofy faces.  Lilly is growing up and looks so much older than she did at our last photo session

Sophie is such a cutie 

Joey is the ham of the family and had fun giving me goofy faces

Bella gave me some good goofy faces, but this is my favorite one of her laughing at me

One last one with Mom & Dad

I can't wait for our next session as Roman grows.  Here is "Roman's Birth Story" slideshow with images from the maternity session, birth and newborn session.


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    On 7:42 PM Anonymous said...

    First, Nicole...I cannot tell you how amazed I am at how fast the years have gone, but how the joy in your face has stayed the same. What a beautiful boy and what a beautiful birth...again. I was honored to be at Sophies birth and I was just as honored to watch this slide show. And to Scott...you are as amazing in your love and support now as you were when back then.

    Cat, you photography is amazing because you love of birth comes through. I will keep passing on your info for others.