Darling Kristen

I had the opportunity to spend the afternoon with this darling one year old and her family.  Kristen has big beautiful eyes and just LOVES her daddy.

You can see where she gets her smile from... from her mom, Stacey.

Having a snack in the kitchen with mom and grandma

Grandma and Kristen played in the bathroom sink!

Up in her room, all she wanted to do was watch the neighbor kids on their bikes.  

She has a darling room, accented with butterflies and lady bugs

She loves to read her books

 Reading with Daddy

Her favorite book is Tails

There are so many more images from this fun session so enjoy the slideshow

One last image...

I look forward to seeing you all again as Kristen grows!


DeMerritt Family

Erica nominated her family in our Capture The Love Contest and was selected for a family photo session. 

Last week, I had fun meeting Erica, Ron, Kai and baby Ari as well as Erica's mother & sisters who were spending their spring break in town. Although the morning was a bit stressful due to an unexpected glitch in their kitchen remodel, I was able to get some great shots of them interacting with each other that I think Captured the Love in their family.

The family together for a quick minute on the stairs.

Ron with baby Ari (who was born on my birthday this year!) He was such a good baby and is so, so cute with his dark hair and chubby cheeks.

Consoling Kai, a moment that shows the relationship between father and son, amazing how fast a hug can make it better.

How tall is Kai?

Erica and the boys with her mother and sisters

Wonder what Ari is thinking about while Grandma is holding him...

My favorite moments with new babies....

After the 'snack', comfy in moms lap.

tiny toes

Kai getting ready to show me what he can do with his tools.

One of the dog watching Kai make 'repairs' on the gate

Taking a break and sharing the love with his baby brother

Here's a slideshow of more of the images from the session.  Enjoy!

It was a fun morning and I am glad to have met this family! 


N-Sight Workshop

I had am amazing weekend helping with Tricia Lee Whitmer and Mike Moreland's N-Sight Workshop. I was the all-purpose helper and documented the workshop for them. We had 'amazing' weather in Atlanta on Saturday and were able to shoot in Cloudy/Overcast Skies, Puddles, Wind, Window Light, Indoors, Rain, Hail Storms, Sunshine, Twilight, Dark and in the Headlights. Talk about 'going with the flow'!!!

Tricia and Mike gave us lots of tips on photographing Brides, Seniors and Couples and helped the 8 photographers that were attending with everything from posing and lighting to composition and interacting with your clients.

Our first shoot of the day was at Villa Christina in Dunwoody, where we photographed a beautiful bride in both inside and outside settings. We had beautiful overcast skies, a bit of sun and some wind (where I ended up wrapped in the bride's veil, I'm not sure any of them got a picture of that!)

Here are some shots of the group and a few of my favorite images of the bride.

After lunch we had a session with a cute teenager and learned about shooting seniors and using ordinary objects and the areas around us to create unique images. We started out in a industrial area outside an auto body shop, and used one of the guy's convertible as a prop.

Then we headed to Roswell Mill where she wore her prom dress and we shot in a falling apart building with these huge rusty gears. During this session it started to sprinkle then thunder and the skies opened up (scampering uphill in the mud trying to keep camera gear dry is FUN!) and then came quarter sized Hail.

Now that we were all soaking wet the sun came out and we headed to Mike & Tricia's studio to shoot a few more pictures in the field and at a cool run-down garage.

This image is one of my favorites. It was taken against a trash dumpster!

We had dinner at Mellow Mushroom and got a chance to get to know each other better while waiting for that magic evening hour to shoot our couple in historic Roswell. It was fun getting their personality to come out while we shot them in an alleyway, in front of stores and then in the dark in front of a brick wall lit with headlights from Mike's car.

I have many more images to edit and lots of information to digest from the weekend, I may have to do another blog post :) I now have more things to add to my gear wish list (especially since I don't plan on giving my dear husband back his camera or lenses that I borrowed!) and to torment the kids practicing all the things I learned this weekend.

Again, thank you so much Tricia & Mike for the opportunity, I learned quite a bit and hope you like the images I took for you. I look forward to hanging out with you again soon.