The Goble Family

Well another of my doula friends from Georgia Birth Network is expecting!!!  I spent some time with Jennifer, Russ, Ben & Elly on Saturday to take some pictures before baby #3 makes his or her appearance.

The kids love to read with mom and dad, and this book was a fun to look at with them.  It's a Search & Find book (kind of like Where's Waldo) where they kids had fun finding Mickey & Friends in the pages.

Finding Mickey!

Of course we had to get a few with Jennifer and Russ alone and showing off the belly.

Ben & Elly on the stairs while we were setting up a family picture.

Elly decided to kiss mom's belly while Ben watched.

Towards the end Elly was tired and had some cuddle time with mom

Here's the slideshow with the rest of the images.  Enjoy!

I'm eagerly anticipating the birth of their new baby so stay tuned to the blog for an update!  Jennifer, Russ and the kids I will see you soon!


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    On 7:43 PM abcdef said...

    Ahhh how sweet! I love the little girl kissing her mommy's belly. Hope you & yours are doing well.