This is Emma again.... On Father's Day we went to Red Top Mountain Park so I could take some pictures of Mom & Dad for their website. I got to use Mom's camera and be a PIT (Photographer in Training). We had lots of fun. I decided that I want to have my own camera and a photography blog too! I like taking pictures and have taken some good ones.

Mom helped me edit some of them to post here. This is my favorite even though they are kissing!

Here are some more of the pictures.

I had the pleasure to meet Sara at Bellies in Bloom in May and am glad that she decided to have me photograph her maternity session.

She and her husband, John, are anxiously awaiting the birth of their first child any day! They have picked out an awesome name for the baby and I can't wait to hear when their little one arrives.

I had a great time with them and they are a fun couple, I know that their new addition will not be lacking in love or laughter. Here are a couple of images from the session. I know they are excited to see so I wanted to post them before I finished the slideshow.

Sara is a glowing mom to be! While they wait on baby they are practicing with this adorable baby monkey, so I had to get a picture for their album! Sara said they had not had a picture taken together since their honeymoon, so here is another for the mantle!

I wish I could remember the comment that caused the image below.... Maybe it is just the shock of knowing that he may never get to watch TV uninterrupted again! :)

Sara & John, I hope you enjoy the preview, best wishes for a smooth delivery!

We did not know this video had been finished until we found out tonight that it was circulating on YouTube! This was part of our trash the dress extravaganza weekend in the Savannah area. Diana and Davide of Diana Nash Photography were instrumental in orchestrating a number of details for the weekend and we would like to thank them again for all their hard work. While we were shooting the sessions, Davide was following us all around with a video camera, so check it out!

Heard of it? ...Want to do it? ...We've done it! ...Check it out!

The New York Times just ran a special selection on this phenomenon, read the article Is This Anyway To Treat Vera Wang? Follow the craziness of this art and fashion revolution at the website of fellow photographer Mark Eric's Mark has some great info on trashing the dress as well as pictures from around the world. Also featured on Good Morning America and ET Insider Event, the popularity of "trashing the dress" seems to be really catching hold as brides look for alternatives to a dress stuffed in a closet for all eternity. This craze is even spilling over to seniors and prom dresses with "Trash The Prom Dress" being the next in the ripple affect of wanting something different.

A few months ago, we featured a handful of posts here on trashing the dress. Check out our blog posts from the archives for February or click the "Trash The Dress" category to see some of our sessions in Savannah and Tybee Island! The pictures above are a few samples from these sessions.

Please contact us for more information if you are thinking you would like to do a session like this!

My Camp Adventure

The Girl Scouts went "Under the Sea" for Sassafrass Day Camp 2007 and Survived!!! The dreaded rain held off and we had a blast! I even got to spend the night at camp in Falcon's Roost with Emma's unit.

I was the camp photographer and forgot to get a photograph of one important person at camp.... ME! So the only pictures are of me squirting my girl on during our water fun afternoon. Next year I will make sure someone helps me and gets a few of me with my unit!

We had a great time and the girls were so cute! They enjoyed art projects, trips to the lake, watching Emma's unit at archery (they will get to participate next year), the ice cream truck's visit and having a major water fight, culminating in tying up the PA's and a counselor and drenching them! (the girls who collected the most trash go to start the drenching)

On Friday afternoon we closed camp with each unit presenting a skit or song followed by popsicles! Our girls wrote a song to the "Ants Go Marching In" and did so well!

I can't wait till next year, we start planning next year's Hollywood theme in a few weeks.

I put together a slideshow for the girls in my unit with pictures from the week.
Take a look and ENJOY!

~ Cat ~

My Lunch Adventure...

I am taking some time "off" this week to be a Girl Scout camp counselor. Camp Sassafrass has gone "Under the Sea" and our activities have involved learning about the lake and water. Today my 'Stingrays' (7 & 8 year olds) went to the lake to find things in the water using Water Snoopers.

After seeing lots of rocks and having Swizzle tell them all about the rocks and finding a few bugs we found ourselves in the way of some wildlife. I wish I had the camera with me when they first joined our group.

After they left us, we decided to have lunch at the lake in the shade before hiking back up to Sunny Hill to do another activity and have our program assistants, Sharpie & Sprite teach us about fire building.

Due to a minor but fun complication with the said wildlife shown in the pictures below, we did not get to finish eating our lunches and we were late getting back to complete our activites today.

These geese had no fear of the girls, though the girls were afraid of them! The girls stayed still and Swizzle and I kept Daddy from getting to them. The only real casualties, were a sock, a pretzel rod (in Daddy's mouth in the picture above), an apple, a granola bar and a peanut butter sandwich. Though if you ask the girls Swizzle single handedly saved them from being attacked! Little did they know if was the Peanut Butter sandwich Emma made me that finally got the geese to head down the beach!

I'll have more pictures from the week to post later. I have to go ready my gear to spend the night at camp tomorrow!

>^ .. ^<

Kit Kat