Labor Pains

It was a long night but this morning my friend Nichole had her baby! I was honored to be included in the process. Along with her husband, Scott, the Midwives and a doula friend the time was passed talking and laughing. This is their 5th child and I was amazed at how well she did delivering this precious little one. (It almost makes me want to have another one if I could!)

Laboring in the water, about an hour before baby's appearance. I love the tub it says "Made in Water".

Scott watching while she weathers a contraction.

9:17 in the morning of Wednesday, March 12th Scott delivers their baby coached by the midwives with their 3 oldest children (Isabella who turned 7 on Monday, Sophie and Joey) and hands the newborn baby BOY to Nichole.

I love this one, I wonder if he's pointing towards Daddy?

Mom and baby sharing an intimate moment just after delivery.

Bella reached down to touch her brother just as I snapped this picture.

Sophie, Joey, Lilly and Bella inspect their new brother along with Debbie one of the Midwives

Mom and son in the water getting to know each other.

Getting out of the tub.

Getting a great start on his first feeding

Daddy holding his son after cutting the cord.

Precious Feet. I love those toes.

Debbie & Debbie (the Midwives) checking him out and declaring him wonderfully made and healthy!

weighing in at 8 pounds 4 ounces

They had not decided on a name when I left, so we'll have to reveal that later. Here's one last picture of the handsome boy, I can't wait to see how he changes at our next session.

Congratulations Nichole, Scott, Bella, Sophie, Joey and Lilly, take care of this little one and rest up, I'll see you very soon. Oh and Scott, I love those chocolate treats, let me know if you try them with bananas, I'll help you get rid of them anytime! :)


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    On 1:05 PM Sarah Hodzic said...

    OMG!!! I have tears in my eyes looking at this amazing mother, father and whole family!

    Thank you for sharing these precious images. They are so moving... I am a bit speechless.

    Congratulations to the new mom and dad (4 times over).

    Just phenomenal photographs. Great job


    Yes, as Sarah said....I have tears in my eyes too! Beautiful work!


    Hey Mike!

    Beautiful photos. I am photographing my first birth experience next year sometime. Very inspirational!



    Oh, how amazing these photos are you captured. Words can not express how I am feeling over them. This mom and family will be over joyed with your images! Cant wait to hear what they named him.

    On 8:47 AM Lisa Stein said...

    That's so great you got photos of delivering in the tub! And so cool Daddy got to do it! They're pros by now!!!
    Thanks for posting the photos!

    On 3:44 AM Anonymous said...

    Oh I loooove these! The emotion you captured is unbelievable - these images are SO real you almost feel like you're actually there! *This* is amazing birth photography! WOW!

    On 1:49 PM abcdef said...

    WOW! I bet this was pretty amazing. I would have been tearing up the whole time and couldn't of kept the camera from shaking. Good job!