Darling Kristen

I had the opportunity to spend the afternoon with this darling one year old and her family.  Kristen has big beautiful eyes and just LOVES her daddy.

You can see where she gets her smile from... from her mom, Stacey.

Having a snack in the kitchen with mom and grandma

Grandma and Kristen played in the bathroom sink!

Up in her room, all she wanted to do was watch the neighbor kids on their bikes.  

She has a darling room, accented with butterflies and lady bugs

She loves to read her books

 Reading with Daddy

Her favorite book is Tails

There are so many more images from this fun session so enjoy the slideshow

One last image...

I look forward to seeing you all again as Kristen grows!


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    On 6:48 PM abcdef said...

    Hey you two! Hope life has been treating you well. I just wanted to comment of the darling baby session you did! These are adorable.

    Hey when you get a min, can you shoot me the phone # for your tax lady again? I've misplaced it. :-(
    Dinner soon???


    What great photo session! Turly captures thier life, they are adorable.