Roadside Families

A couple of months ago, we were contacted by photographer Oana Hogrefe about being her "photographer family" for the Roadside Families project. This was our first introduction into a new project started by John Michael and Dalisa Cooper of Alt F. This is a "pay it forward" project that can best be summed up by this statement on the Roadside Families website -

"Kicking off on the VeryAltF tour of ‘08, John Michael and Dalisa Cooper start a Pay-It-Forward project to help photographers get in front of the lens with their families. Something photographers are notorious for not doing. These are their stories."

So just as Oana photographed our family, it is now time for us to continue our "families" thread by photographing another photographer family. We chose our good friends and photographers Anna and Spencer Clark. We started our session out at the nearby Sonic Drive In, where drinks were in order, especially the orange cream slush!

We next headed to the woods at Kennesaw Mountain for some fall color and fun!

We decided to end our session with some shots from the square in Marietta, on of our favorite places to shoot.

Be sure to watch the slideshow, again we were assisted by our wonderful 'Photographer in Training' and some of Emma's images are included in the show.

We would like to thank Anna and Spencer for being our Pay It Foward family and hope you enjoy your pictures! So now we pass the torch to them for the next family in our roadside families thread. I wonder who they will pick!

Over Thanksgiving we trekked to Virginia to visit Cat's brother and his family, and of course we brought our cameras along.    Having teenagers, we decided to work on our "Senior Session" offerings by taking the kids out for an urban grunge session.  

Driving around the small town we found a couple of great, distressed warehouse areas that provided an awesome backdrop for some grungy shots with attitude. 

Our niece, Casey, had a great time modeling for us.  She can't wait till we come back over the Christmas break so she can model again!  I need to find a cool dress for her to trash while we are there!  Here are some of our favorite pics of her.  

Our son, Colin, was not really along to model, but was a good sport and we were able to get some cool shots of him as well. He really fits in well with the grungy locale.

Enjoy the slideshow!  We had such a fun afternoon with the kids and look forward to our next 'playtime'.

We have to make a note here... Some of the images were taken by our 'Photographer in Training', our 10 year old daughter Emma! She will soon be giving us a run for our money! You can see some of her photo projects on her blog Picture Girlz

Shoot Out In The Dark

At our last PUG (Pictage User Group) meeting, we decided to have a photography shoot out to do something on the really fun side. So, twelve photographers and two couples headed out into the darkness to see who could get cool images. There was just one catch,  Available Light Only - NO Flash Allowed!  As professional photographers, we often are challenged by things such as no flash ceremonies, both inside and out, and we still have to deliver great images. There's nothing like a night time outdoor candle light ceremony with no lights!

Below are some of our favorite images from the night! Oh, and we have to thank Anna and Spencer, also photographers, for putting down their cameras long enough to be models for us! Thanks guys!

Mike's Images...

Cat's Images...