Lets Go Racing!

"Hey, can you guys come take some pictures for us?" This was the call we got from our friend Amy as she told us she was sending her husband Jim to racing school as a gift for his retirement from the Airforce. Jim is an avid car and race fan, so I couldnt wait to go see what race school was all about. This was the Speed Tech Racing School being held at the massive Atlanta Motor Speedway. Jim started early in the morning with classroom and track trials with the Speed Tech instructors. We caught up with Jim mid-morning and prior to his 18 lap solo run around the track.

Drivers being briefed before their solo runs.

This dash board means business!

Almost time to go. The school only allows 5 or 6 cars to run together at one time, so the drivers were divided up into groups.

As the first group runs the track, Jim takes a few thoughtful moments as the excitement builds. The cars run 600+HP and with no instructor in the car, Im sure all the track rules and operation of the car are running through Jim's mind.

Its time to roll!

Drivers are assigned cars based on their physical dimensions, as distance to pedals, steering wheel, etc. are all fixed and non-adjustable. Jim was lucky enough to draw the number 3 Dale car!

Lap one at speed!

Jim blows by the #1 car in a pass down the long straight in front of the grandstands!

Did I say massive Atlanta Motor Speedway?!! This will give you some idea.

With Jim in the #3 "Dale" car, I thought this was cool as I noticed the big sign on the first turn on the track!

Some more shots at speed down the main straight!

Eighteen laps later its time to pit!

I think from Jims smile, it was quite an experience.

Jim, I hope you enjoy these pictures! Its been quite a few years since I have been to the racetrack! We had a lot of fun watching you run this track and sharing in your excitement at this opportunity!

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    On 8:39 PM Anonymous said...

    Mike, I love the pictures. they came so good. Thank you for going down there for Jim


    On 4:41 PM Tricia W. said...

    You guys really are "Jacks of All Trades"...looks like fun times!

    On 9:04 PM Anonymous said...

    Mike, I'm so glad you came down to the race track. I had such a blast. I'm hoping to do it again next year, hopefully you'll be available to go.

    On 11:17 PM Anonymous said...

    These shots are too fun! Thanks so much for the comment! The planes are awesome, I love hanging out at the airport!

    Hope you're having a great weekend!