Sherri And Joe

Last Saturday we had the honor of photographing the wedding of Sherri and Joe in a beautiful home ceremony. The home was decorated for the Christmas season and was a perfect setting for this seasonal wedding. With the ceremony in front of the beautiful Christmas tree, followed by dancing, great food, cake cutting, and all the wedding festivites, Catherine and I had a great time capturing the moments of the day. Sherri and Joe, along with their children and many family and friends, were just a joy to spend time with and we very much appreciate them making us a part of their special celebration.

Sherri and Joe, here is a small preview of some of the images we liked from the day! There are many images still to go through, and we should have those ready for you shortly. Stay tuned for your slideshow from the day as well!

Hope you enjoyed these! Stay tuned for more!

Holiday Antics...

One of the things about our family is that we love to have fun! If you've read our blog lately you know that... We met at my parent's house last weekend to take some pictures for my Grandmother's Christmas present and ended up with pictures for our holiday card as well, featuring our son Colin and his cousin, Casey, as they hammed it up for the camera.

Also Mike's penguin saga continues as the following items have appeared on his nightstand the last 3 days...

A jar filled with cherry cordial and milk chocolate kisses (we're hiding this one from the kids!) and a glass adorned with penguins and filled with glitter and floating snowflakes. The ibuprofen was already on the table but is good for the headaches caused by teenagers and pengies. This snowglobe ornament below matches the pen that Mike received earlier.

We are off to go shopping for my christmas present this afternoon... I can't wait to get it in the house and start playing with it. I'll post pictures of it tomorrow!


On the 11th day...

the penguins are still arriving... We have had so much fun surprising Daddy each morning, I think Emma loves to hear him get "angry" and scold the penguins that have show up. Here are the ones he found since our last post.

In the pocket of his robe was a pen with a snow globe on top containing a small blue penguin...

These appeared on the stove just as we ran out of paper towels...

The softest and cutest stuffed one took his spot on the bed...

This one came to help with the dishes...

This is the only penguin that has been harmed since arriving, I am told he was a very tasty milk chocolate...

It's a warm 70+ degrees here (even hotter in the house with a broken air conditioner) so this one is asking an important question! (he's on the front door)

Even the calendar has a penguin! This tiny magnet is making sure that we don't forget to take the kids to their activities!

The tree was lonely with no ornaments, so this penguin decided to keep it company. The kitties have not discovered it yet thankfully!

Even the coffee creamer is a penguin... We're so sorry your favorite flavor is tarnished by the packaging, shall we find you another flavor...
Even Emma's Advent Calendar got in on the act last week and surprised her with a penguin!
I am very sure that there WILL be more... As mom says, "We only do this to those we love" and from the looks of it the pengies LOVE you!
~ Cat ~

Ten Years Ago

these were the words on our wedding announcement....

A heart to laugh with,
A hand to hold
A new excitement,
Never old.

A fresh beginning from day to day
And simple pleasures along the way
A pleasant walk...
A favorite song...
A life worthwhile...

A special love flowing wild and free
And all the blessings a marriage can be.

It's hard to believe that 10 years has gone by, we've grown closer, older, wiser and unfortunately wider. We each came into the marriage from failed ones with 2 kids in tow, and then were joined shortly after by a little girl that melted all our hearts. We've weathered storms together and somehow we've survived and our love is stronger today than on that cold windy Sunday in 1997. Above is the "official" announcement portrait, there are a few that Mike took on our wedding day, but only one of us together. Below is a picture from this summer that Emma took.

To my dear husband, my knight and number one supporter and cheerleader... I love you now much more than I did when we got married. You have supported me in so much and put up with my quirks, health issues and "job" changes. I think I finally decided what I want to be when I grow up, but I am content in knowing that if it changes, you'll be there supporting me! Here's to the next 10 years! Oh yeah, By the way...

Because we are shooting a wedding tomorrow we are postponing our celebration. We want to hear from our blog readers how we should celebrate this milestone anniversary. The best suggestion will win a prize!!!! So add a comment telling us what you think would be a great celebration for us, we'll pick a winner on December 15th.



The first 3 days of...


Mike does not really like penguins all that much. Mostly because of a morning ritual Emma started a few years ago. So this year she came up with an idea and the penguins have started to arrive... It looks like there may be a penguin a day for Daddy!

Saturday, December 1st this cute little guy made his appearance on the Christmas tree, it was the only ornament for a while that evening!

Sunday morning this tin appeared next to the coffee pot. It contained according to Mike a penguin to eat :)

This morning coffee was delivered in this mug declaring the penguins' love for him. It took him some hints to notice it was not his normal mug (which does have penguins on it too!) He is NOT a morning person and yes it drives me crazy!

Stay tuned to see what else the penguins bring...



We recently finished Fawn and Patrick's wedding slideshow from their gorgeous wedding at Richmond Hill Inn in Asheville, NC. Set in the courtyard garden on a beautiful fall day, the ceremony included a string quartet and the releasing of white doves! The day was just beautiful, Fawn was a gorgeous bride and Patrick a handsom groom! I know you cant wait, so you can click here to view the slideshow.

Fawn and Patrick, your wedding was just awesome and we had so much fun working with you and your families! Hope you enjoy your slideshow and can't wait to start working on your album!

Elyse is 1!!!

Happy Birthday to little Elyse! I met her and her mom 6 months ago (see post) and I had the pleasure of photographing her 1st birthday party. It was a lot of fun and I have so many great images from the party. Here's a preview of the party!

Mom & Dad playing with Elyse before the party guests arrived. She just loved the balloons.

Cake Time! She had her own special cake, though I think she was more interested in the candle.

The rest of the guests were treated to a banana cake shaped like a monkey in a party hat, that was to die for. Thanks so much for sending some home with me Mike & Emma loved it too!

Shannon's sisters and their sons came for the party. So we took a few minutes to get a family picture.

I hope you enjoyed the preview, stay tuned for the slideshow later this week.

>^..^< ~Cat~