Due to techinical difficulties it took us a bit longer to get Kai & Aaron's engagement session slide show completed. (Thanks David J for help with the Showit problem)

It can be found on our website and features a song that Kai recorded.

Click Here to View The Show

We had such a good time with Kai & Aaron and wish them well with their wedding on December 9th!

Kai & Aaron

On Saturday afternoon we shot an engagement session for my friend Kai and her fiance Aaron. They will be getting married on December 9th in Cancun and we wish them well.

They were such fun to be with and we got some fantastic pictures. Here are a few of my favorites from the afternoon (I have too many to post here!) We plan to have Mike's pictures and the the slideshow up tomorrow.



Sometimes you get amazing ideas from your children! Our daughter Emma is 8 years old and every Thursday she brings home a folder full of school work from the past week. We always go through it and admittedly most of it hits the circular file (how many spelling and math tests do we need to save?!) Today though a piece caught my eye, here's what was on the piece of notebook paper...


“If you keep on doing what you have always done, you are going to keep getting what you have always gotten.”
- John Maxwell

My opinion is that he has always got something expensive.
Another is that he will always get recess.
That he will always get his way.
The last one is that he will always get friends

I talked with her after I read it and her thought process made sense, he always had everything he needed so therefore in her opinion he would always get the same.

She has a child's faith and has seen God provide (well except for the week that we made the kids eat what ever we had on hand in the house, no food wasting, eating out or trips to the grocery - they hated it! I know she thought prayers went unanswered, though they were as we had enough to sustain us till payday and the fridge was cleaned out!)

The quote is a powerful one and fits so well with the place Mike & I are at right now. We are going full steam with photography as a business. We have to be brave enough to change what we are doing and try something different, to step out on the edge or even jump off. Otherwise we will never move forward, we'll always be good photographers thinking of making a career of it.

What "rut" are we in that we need to get out of so that we can get more? For me it is time to make that "want to do" list count and see what happens.


Our Website Is Up

Our new website design is up! I have been working on it all afternoon. This has been a challenge to put together. There are still some items to add, but it is up and running for potential clients to see!

You can visit it at www.mcwarrenphoto.com


Amanda And Nate

Last week while in Chattanooga, we did some photo shoots late Monday afternoon. Nate and Amanda, a young couple very much in love, gave us the opportunity to shoot a "We Did" session just as the day was ending. The "We Did" session is a lot like an engagement session, but for married couples. These shoots are generally a little more "hot" image-wise, as they celebrate the new and passionate love of newlyweds. Nate and Amanda definitely lived up to and surpassed our expectations! This was really a fun shoot for us as Amanda and Nate are awesome photographers themselves! Check out their work at Turtle Pond Photography. Below are a few images from the shoot that we liked, but Amanda and Nate's Slideshow is the one we really like! Enjoy your slideshow, we had a blast putting it together for you!

Mike and Catherine

What do you call 100 awesome photographers in one place at one time? Well, we are not sure, but I can tell you that its more excitement and opportunity for growth than we can describe! Last week we attended the OSP South gathering of wedding photographers in Chattanooga, TN. Photographers came from all around, not just from the south, but from the northeast, the midwest, the southwest, and the west coast.

OSP, a professional photographer forum created by the incredible David Jay, is a community where photographers share their thoughts, experiences, and knowledge in an effort to help others build their businesses. We were treated to learning sessions, exciting impromptu photoshoots, delicious meals, and most importantly the building of heartfelt friendships! There were so many great and talented people there that we met that it would be impossible to name them all here! We enjoyed meeting all of you and exchanging ideas and good times!

We would like to thank our hosts Amber and Nathan Holritz and Joy and Garrett Nudd, a couple of husband and wife teams from Chattanooga, that opened their homes and studios and put in some major work to make sure everyone had a good time. We would also like to thank Mark, Erin, Andrew, and Rachel of LaCour who made a special trip to teach us some key points about visual storytelling. Thank you, thank you all, for this special time!

Baby Ballerinas

I had the opportunity to photograph some adorable 3 & 4 year olds during their dance class at the church where they attend preschool. They got to dress up in costumes and had a ball!

These are the four of my favorites so far from the photo shoot.