We recently finished Fawn and Patrick's wedding slideshow from their gorgeous wedding at Richmond Hill Inn in Asheville, NC. Set in the courtyard garden on a beautiful fall day, the ceremony included a string quartet and the releasing of white doves! The day was just beautiful, Fawn was a gorgeous bride and Patrick a handsom groom! I know you cant wait, so you can click here to view the slideshow.

Fawn and Patrick, your wedding was just awesome and we had so much fun working with you and your families! Hope you enjoy your slideshow and can't wait to start working on your album!

Elyse is 1!!!

Happy Birthday to little Elyse! I met her and her mom 6 months ago (see post) and I had the pleasure of photographing her 1st birthday party. It was a lot of fun and I have so many great images from the party. Here's a preview of the party!

Mom & Dad playing with Elyse before the party guests arrived. She just loved the balloons.

Cake Time! She had her own special cake, though I think she was more interested in the candle.

The rest of the guests were treated to a banana cake shaped like a monkey in a party hat, that was to die for. Thanks so much for sending some home with me Mike & Emma loved it too!

Shannon's sisters and their sons came for the party. So we took a few minutes to get a family picture.

I hope you enjoyed the preview, stay tuned for the slideshow later this week.

>^..^< ~Cat~

Last weekend Emma got to be an only child while her brothers were away. She was a trooper and modeled for Daddy and I at a new location we found. Here are some of our favorites, Emma helped pick the pictures and edited a few with me.

She 'borrowed" my silky brown shirt and got to wear my new necklace and bracelet before I got to so she looked pretty and grown up complete with lipstick and a purse full of 'girlie' things.

We have to go back to this location again and play in the stream since we didn't get to this trip!


Lyllia at 8 months

I visited with Lyllia and her parents recently. The last 8 months have flown by and this cutie is quite the charmer, she has Daddy wrapped around her finger too! Steve is a carpenter and was working on some kitchen cabinets but took a few minutes to share the tools with us!

Daddy makes the best jungle gym!

Lyllia has a cute laugh and beautiful eyes. Though she is now cruising making taking her picture a bit harder, we still got some great images! Maybe next time she will stay in the chair more!

Look at those teeth!

I can't wait for the next session, I expect her to be walking making me work even harder for the pictures!


I know the models are waiting so here are the last of the 3 day bridal shoot images! We had so much fun with the girls who volunteered their time and modeled for us.

Sunday's shoots were at Big Trees Nature Preserve and Downtown at the Fox Theater. Here are some of our favorites! Thanks to Gaby & Michelle who did hair and makeup for us.

Sarah, Angela, Kim & Holly at the Fox Theater

Holly looked ravishing in the big "poufy" dress. She is getting married soon so this was a trial run for her.

Sarah is a striking girl, and at 6'3" she is taller than me! I love her eyes they are so expressive.

Nelya & her sister Christine modeled for us again on Sunday. We were able to get these beautiful shots of them in the woods.

Kim is one of the moms in one of the On-line Moms Groups that I belong to. It was great meeting her IRL (in real life). She is beautiful and I loved photographing her.

Angela was fun to work with and was really into the session. She was married on October 20th and this was her 2nd bridal session. I love this dress which she planned to wear on her honeymoon.

We loved working with all the models and makeup artists and really wish that we had more time with them!

Enjoy your images!