What do you do on a cold Saturday night in historic downtown Savannah Georgia? If you are hanging out with us, then you grab three beautiful ladies, put them in bridal gowns, and turn buildings, parks, fountains, and alleyways into a photoshoot in the pitch black dark! Using our highly capable digital camera gear, we wanted you to see just what kind of photos you could get under nothing but streetlamps. Well, we did use the occasional flash for a few, but most of these were shot with no additional camera lighting. We would love to hear what you think about these!

We cant thank Brooke, Chantel, and Jessica enough for their hard work on this night! Without their willingness to galavant all over Savannah for us in 40 degree temperatures, this would not have been possible! Thanks ladies, we had a great time and would love to do it again, when it warms up of course!

We present you with the final installment of Trashing The Dress with Ally in the Ocean! A beautiful, bright afternoon at Tybee Island near Savannah GA is the perfect setting for Ally and her long flowing wedding dress. And trash it we will, come see for yourself! If you have not seen Trashing the Dress parts 1 and 2, just scroll down the blog and catch-up on one of the hotest trends in fun and photography for brides that want more than just wedding day pictures!

If you saw our earlier post of Ally trashing the dress in the fountain, then you know how much fun this could be. This is Jenny, who trashed the dress for us in the ocean at Tybee Island. Jenny was not one of our scheduled models, but is actually a bride-to-be that was working on her own wedding plans when she ran into a group of our photographers. They talked to her about trashing dresses and she decided she wanted to make the trip out to the beach and give this a try. She really had a blast running and splashing and just having a great time along the beach!

Stay tuned for Trashing the Dress Part 3 - Ally in the ocean, the trash the dress slideshow, a Tybee Island engagement shoot, and fun bridals at night in downtown Savannah!

Baby Lyllia

There is nothing more special than a new baby! I was blessed to be present as this beautiful girl entered the world two weeks ago. I posted a few pictures from the birth but did not share the slideshow - so here it is - Enjoy!

I visited with Jenica & Steve earlier this week to share the birth photos with them and to take some more pictures of Lyllia. I will be following their family through 2007 to chronicle Lyllia's first year so look for more pictures to come! In working on this project I have made new friends and look forward to the next photo session.

Here are some of my favorites from the session last week.

Jenica, again I want to thank you and your family for the opportunity to be at Lyllia's birth it was an amazing experience!

See you soon,