The energy of children

I met Meredith a few months ago at a Women's Networking Group. She and her husband are expecting baby #2 in a few weeks and have an adorable daughter named Audrey who will make a great big sister.

I had the opportunity to take photographs of Audrey last week and boy did we had a ball! She is a chatterbox and full of energy, I am not sure that she sat still at all during the session. She also had some definate ideas on what I should take photographs of!

This was a perfect lifestyle session, it shows off Audrey's personality in all it's playing, running, giggling, little girl glory.

Here are a few of my favorites from the session and there are LOTS more in the slideshow. Enjoy!


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    On 12:11 AM abcdef said...

    Ahhhh these are sooo adorable. I love the first one. I never get the opportunity to shoot children. :-( GREAT JOB!!!

    On 9:13 AM Jill Higgins said...

    What a cutie Audrey is - great job!