Last month we shot the engagement session for Lane and Haley. Saturday we shot their wedding at a beautiful family home surrounded by pastures, ponds, and trees. It was a warm but beautiful day, and the forecasted rain stayed away until after the reception was over. Haley had told us at their engagement session that she was going to be married in "flip flops", it was a life long dream! Well, sure enough, flip flops were the attire of choice on Saturday! Lane and Haley had decided not to see each other before the ceremony, so we had a lot of fun moving them around for pictures so as to not see each other. At one point, we snuck Haley out on the upper balcony while I asked Lane, yet again, to show me how they would be standing for the ceremony. Little did he know that Haley was standing just above him as he stood on the front steps to the porch where they would be married! Im sure he thought I was nuts asking him to show me again!

The ceremony was beautiful with many family members and friends attending. We really appreciate all the hospitality extended by Lane and Haley and their families, and feel priviledged to have been a part of their celebration of marriage! We have so many pictures to go through, but we wanted you to have a sneak-a-peak at some of the pictures! Stay tuned for the slideshow!

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    On 10:21 PM -Matt said...

    Beautiful images - I love the multiple angles, great color and the couple seems great!!! Love these.


    On 1:23 AM Frank DiMeo said...

    Outstanding Mike and Catherine!
    You two really rocked it big time!
    There is such an elegant feeling to everything.
    Very Smmoooooth!
    Lane and Haley will be ecstatic.

    On 12:43 PM katy said...

    Beautiful work! I love the one of the two bridesmaids with the bride, and also the one of the flip flops! (I was a flip flop bride myself so I can relate!)

    On 5:34 PM Rachel said...

    Congrats Lane & Haley!!!

    Mike & Catherine- I love the dual shots of them getting ready in the mirror! Also the shot of them kissing under the willow tree- great color. Hopefully we can meet up soon.

    On 11:01 PM abcdef said...

    These are great! I know you had a blast shooting this wedding too. The colors are stunning!