Baby John

Katherine was referred to us by her Bradley Instructor, Sallie Duffy when I was looking for baby boys to photograph. Her son John is five months old and is just adorable. The session was a lot of fun, he really liked playing with the cow that my mom gave me for my 40th birthday and a bucket of blocks.

It was hard to pick favorites, but here are some of the cutest images from the session.

Katherine and John, I hope you had fun at Bellies In Bloom and enjoyed seeing your photographs in the displays.

Here's the slideshow with even more of the images! Enjoy!


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    Catherine: The photos of my son John are so beautiful! I cried out my eyes watching the slideshow. I am especially impressed because I thought John was not very cooperative during the actual photo shoot. I felt bad, thinking you wouldn't have good material to use from our session. But you MADE it good material! Thank you so much! ~Katherine Lauer (aka the Mama)

    On 9:47 PM Sarah Faith said...

    Great photos! nice job.