Yesterday I had the cutest boy come visit me to have his picture taken! Holly and her 9 1/2 month old son, Ian are helping add some boys to my portfolio.

Once again the bucket of blocks was a big draw and Ian had a blast playing with them. He has the cutest red hair and infectious smile. He reminded me so much of our middle son, Connor, who had curls like this only blonde.

Here are a few of my favorite images from the session. Some of these will be on display at Bellies In Bloom. You can see even more of the session in the slideshow.



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    On 10:46 PM -Matt said...

    CUTE photos! You guys rock! Those are great photos - very cute.

    On 5:29 PM abcdef said...

    Ohhhh these turned out so cute. I love the colors. Great job!

    On 7:27 PM Anonymous said...

    What an adorable little boy!! The red hair is amazing.

    On 5:21 PM Mary Marantz said...

    ahhh such a cutie! love that hair!