By Emma (our 9 year old daughter).... I have gone bad with Mom's camera. I am having fun with it especially when I edit my pictures. ASK ME HOW I DO IT!!! Mom and I stole my Dad's dream job. I'm only 9 and better then my Dad sometimes. I am a good photographer for a 9 year old girl. When I edit I smile.

By Mom: Here are some of the pictures Emma took with my camera yesterday, the model is Gabriel my 5 month old nephew. He is a cutie and makes taking pictures easy! Emma took about 100 pictures last night and is snapping away as I type this so I expect at least a card full later today. She has a pretty good eye and is having a ball being my helper so I guess in a few years we'll have to change the company name to include her!


~ Cat ~

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    On 3:09 PM abcdef said...

    Uh OH...looks like you guys may have some stiff competion. She got some great captures here. We all gotta get together soon and do dinner, and catch up.

    On 2:45 PM Becky Waurio said...

    You should be proud. What a good eye. I love the first color one! :)


    hahaha!! "I am better than my dad sometimes". That is just too cute! She IS really good though. lol

    On 9:28 PM Anonymous said...

    Oh my gosh. These are amazing shots and the PP on them is great. Awesome job. Thanks again for the prayers Michael. It was so needed. have a great day!

    Stewart C.