Baby Elyse

Baby Elyse is 6 months old and is such a cutie. Her mom, Shannon, brought along some great blocks to play with and they were a great addition to the session. I have to find some for my prop box!

We had a fun session, playing with the blocks, bubbles and even mommy! I loved the pink striped outfit made by Elyse's grandmother, she looked darling in it.

There are too many good images for a blog post, so be sure to watch the slideshow!



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    On 1:35 PM Anonymous said...

    I love the little feet & bum shot! How freakin cute is that?! These are great photos :)

    On 6:12 PM cyndyrella said...

    love the pictures! very talented..and the song made that slideshow very memorable. It made me shed a few tears..what is the name of the song?