A couple of weeks ago, we photographed Lane and Haley's beautiful wedding in Alabama (see post below). It was such a great wedding and we are thankful that we were able to be a part of their special day! Well, today we have finished their wedding slideshow and wanted to share it with you. Lane and Haley gave us so many beautiful and touching moments, we had a hard time picking favorites. So click here for the slideshow, sit back, and enjoy!

By Emma (our 9 year old daughter).... I have gone bad with Mom's camera. I am having fun with it especially when I edit my pictures. ASK ME HOW I DO IT!!! Mom and I stole my Dad's dream job. I'm only 9 and better then my Dad sometimes. I am a good photographer for a 9 year old girl. When I edit I smile.

By Mom: Here are some of the pictures Emma took with my camera yesterday, the model is Gabriel my 5 month old nephew. He is a cutie and makes taking pictures easy! Emma took about 100 pictures last night and is snapping away as I type this so I expect at least a card full later today. She has a pretty good eye and is having a ball being my helper so I guess in a few years we'll have to change the company name to include her!


~ Cat ~

The energy of children

I met Meredith a few months ago at a Women's Networking Group. She and her husband are expecting baby #2 in a few weeks and have an adorable daughter named Audrey who will make a great big sister.

I had the opportunity to take photographs of Audrey last week and boy did we had a ball! She is a chatterbox and full of energy, I am not sure that she sat still at all during the session. She also had some definate ideas on what I should take photographs of!

This was a perfect lifestyle session, it shows off Audrey's personality in all it's playing, running, giggling, little girl glory.

Here are a few of my favorites from the session and there are LOTS more in the slideshow. Enjoy!


Baby Elyse

Baby Elyse is 6 months old and is such a cutie. Her mom, Shannon, brought along some great blocks to play with and they were a great addition to the session. I have to find some for my prop box!

We had a fun session, playing with the blocks, bubbles and even mommy! I loved the pink striped outfit made by Elyse's grandmother, she looked darling in it.

There are too many good images for a blog post, so be sure to watch the slideshow!



Summer & Family

I had the opportunity to photograph Summer and her children recently. Noah is the oldest and despite not feeling well during our shoot, was a good helper with getting his sisters, Lydia and Tabitha to smile.

The session was a lot of fun and I know Summer has her hands full with these energetic children.

Here are a few of my favorites and the slideshow! Enjoy!


Baby John

Katherine was referred to us by her Bradley Instructor, Sallie Duffy when I was looking for baby boys to photograph. Her son John is five months old and is just adorable. The session was a lot of fun, he really liked playing with the cow that my mom gave me for my 40th birthday and a bucket of blocks.

It was hard to pick favorites, but here are some of the cutest images from the session.

Katherine and John, I hope you had fun at Bellies In Bloom and enjoyed seeing your photographs in the displays.

Here's the slideshow with even more of the images! Enjoy!


Beautiful Allyssa

Two weeks ago, Allyssa volunteered to help me add to my portfolio and for photographs for the Bellies in Bloom display. We had fun chatting and trying different outfits and poses. Her look is very unique and beautiful, I can't wait to see her baby!

I was happy that she and her husband came to the event and my breastfeeding seminar, they are a great couple and I wish then well with the birth of their baby.
I know they are anxiously awaiting the images!!! So...

Here are a few of my favorite images:

Here's the slideshow with the rest of the images, enjoy!



Yesterday The Georgia Birth Network held our annual Bellies In Bloom event. I am happy to report that the event looks to have been a success. The planning committee is tired and will be resting up before going over the notes and evaluations to being planning next year's event which will be bigger and better! Nichole, Jennifer and I want to thank all our volunteers, vendors, sponsors and speakers who helped make the event a success!

Lots of parents getting information! Vendors ranged from maternity services to financial planning and just about everything in between!

Lynn showing off the products from Melaluca and Harmony with Arbonne who had some WONDERFUL baby products and skin care

Amanda & Jennifer at the
GBN Doula Table talking with Talitha from Sugar Sprouts

One of the things we did was to display artwork and belly casts throughout the area. Thanks to my clients for allowing me to use their images in these displays and thanks to Jenica for bringing the belly casts. Here are some pictures of the event.

A BIG THANK YOU goes to all my clients who came out and supported the event and to see their photographs displayed! Especially Katherine and Alyssa got a sneak peek at some of their images! Here's a slideshow of some of the images that were displayed in the common areas and at my table.

Congratulations to Michelle Stille who won one of our door prize photo sessions. If you did not win a door prize you can still get in on a chance to win one! How you ask??? Well... Just book* your photo session date with us before May 30th and you will be entered in the drawing! (*booking made before 5/30 with $25 deposit, sitting must take place before 12/31/07)

Last but not least.... Lyllia, who I am photographing for her 3 month session next week got a chance to practice her smiles for me after having a snack!

~ Cat~