We recently finished Fawn and Patrick's wedding slideshow from their gorgeous wedding at Richmond Hill Inn in Asheville, NC. Set in the courtyard garden on a beautiful fall day, the ceremony included a string quartet and the releasing of white doves! The day was just beautiful, Fawn was a gorgeous bride and Patrick a handsom groom! I know you cant wait, so you can click here to view the slideshow.

Fawn and Patrick, your wedding was just awesome and we had so much fun working with you and your families! Hope you enjoy your slideshow and can't wait to start working on your album!

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    That first image behind the veil is simply gorgeous and romantic. I always love that shot because it's like their inside their own world behind that veil and just sharing an intimate moment.

    On 12:00 AM abcdef said...

    As always...just beautiful. I hope everyone is doing well. Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving.

    On 7:21 PM Steven Kang said...

    Stopped by to say happy thanksgiving.

    On 10:24 AM Mike Wise said...

    Beautiful images. Love the look of your bride inside the veil. ++


    Beautiful wedding. Next time you are in Asheville please let me know! I'd love to see you! Seems like forever since OSPS.


    I LOVE that image under the veil! And all that beautiful warm weather you have for year round weddings!