I know the models are waiting so here are the last of the 3 day bridal shoot images! We had so much fun with the girls who volunteered their time and modeled for us.

Sunday's shoots were at Big Trees Nature Preserve and Downtown at the Fox Theater. Here are some of our favorites! Thanks to Gaby & Michelle who did hair and makeup for us.

Sarah, Angela, Kim & Holly at the Fox Theater

Holly looked ravishing in the big "poufy" dress. She is getting married soon so this was a trial run for her.

Sarah is a striking girl, and at 6'3" she is taller than me! I love her eyes they are so expressive.

Nelya & her sister Christine modeled for us again on Sunday. We were able to get these beautiful shots of them in the woods.

Kim is one of the moms in one of the On-line Moms Groups that I belong to. It was great meeting her IRL (in real life). She is beautiful and I loved photographing her.

Angela was fun to work with and was really into the session. She was married on October 20th and this was her 2nd bridal session. I love this dress which she planned to wear on her honeymoon.

We loved working with all the models and makeup artists and really wish that we had more time with them!

Enjoy your images!


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    On 1:37 PM abcdef said...

    These are beautiful! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time. I'm glad you had the opportunity to do somehthing like this. I love the ones near the FOX. Great lighting and colors too.


    What an awesome set of images! My fav is of Holly on the steps - very elegant classy picture.

    On 11:10 PM Steven Kang said...

    Great job as always.

    On 11:47 AM Anonymous said...

    Very nice work!