The first 3 days of...


Mike does not really like penguins all that much. Mostly because of a morning ritual Emma started a few years ago. So this year she came up with an idea and the penguins have started to arrive... It looks like there may be a penguin a day for Daddy!

Saturday, December 1st this cute little guy made his appearance on the Christmas tree, it was the only ornament for a while that evening!

Sunday morning this tin appeared next to the coffee pot. It contained according to Mike a penguin to eat :)

This morning coffee was delivered in this mug declaring the penguins' love for him. It took him some hints to notice it was not his normal mug (which does have penguins on it too!) He is NOT a morning person and yes it drives me crazy!

Stay tuned to see what else the penguins bring...



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    On 12:56 AM abcdef said...

    These are too cute. I love the mug shot. Be sure and tell Ms. Emma I said hello. I can't wait to see you both Tuesday!