Halloween Fun

Kids...Candy...Costumes.... Lots of FUN!!

Living on a culdesac in a big neighborhood lends to lots of kids, so halloween was a blast last night. Though none of the kids are sharing the loot with Mom & Dad willingly. Here are a few from the evening of fun.

Emma & her best freind, Ali, all dressed up. (this is Emma's costume #1)

Connor the Alien...

Where's Waldo??? Colin's Friends stop in for Candy...

Colin the wizard??? Along with friends off to have fun...

Haili & Keirra - Our Rockstars posing for the Papparazzi!

The twins!

Not so sure about all this and needing Grandpa...

More of the kids, big & small!

and Emma not sharing the candybar!

Hope you all had fun!!!


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    On 10:46 AM abcdef said...

    Oh how fun! I hate I'm sick, or I would have come to the Warren's for Halloween. Looks like everyone had a blast! Next year...I'm inviting myself over there, lol.