Elyse is 1!!!

Happy Birthday to little Elyse! I met her and her mom 6 months ago (see post) and I had the pleasure of photographing her 1st birthday party. It was a lot of fun and I have so many great images from the party. Here's a preview of the party!

Mom & Dad playing with Elyse before the party guests arrived. She just loved the balloons.

Cake Time! She had her own special cake, though I think she was more interested in the candle.

The rest of the guests were treated to a banana cake shaped like a monkey in a party hat, that was to die for. Thanks so much for sending some home with me Mike & Emma loved it too!

Shannon's sisters and their sons came for the party. So we took a few minutes to get a family picture.

I hope you enjoyed the preview, stay tuned for the slideshow later this week.

>^..^< ~Cat~

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    On 12:40 AM abcdef said...

    Ahhh what a cutie pie!


    Oh my goodness! These are all soooo cute! How much would it be for you two to fly to Washington and take some pictures of my baby??? These are so sweet - I love her expressions! ++

    On 11:16 PM Anonymous said...

    That last shot is classic! How precious! These photographs will be cherished possessions!++