NCHS Career Day

Today I had the pleasure of being a guest speaker at North Cobb High School's Career Day. I spent the day talking with students about how I became a photographer and what I did on a daily basis. I hope the students got a lot out of my presentation and got a chance to hear that even if your career path takes twists and turns you can be successful.

I spent first period in the Drama Class, which was great for me with having spent time in the drama department in College and my first jobs were in theater.

2nd & 3rd periods were spent in Joy Johnson's Art classes, the first of the was her photography class! (Mike was worried that it might be discovered that I taught myself how to use my camera and only took one photography class in college) I had a great time talking to the kids and loved seeing their reactions to my photographs. I showed this slideshow to the kids and I was amazed at the ones they reacted to most. I'm hoping to be able to work with some of the students in the future.

4th period I was in an English Class where despite technical difficulties we did get to see the slideshow! I had an enterprising student who had the list of questions the school gave us to help with our talk and he kept the class asking questions.

One question that stood out was - "Of all the things you did to prepare for this job, what helped you the most?" I had to think about this a minute and here's my answer...

I think the thing that helped me most to prepare for any of the jobs (careers) that I have had was my parents. They always encouraged me to try what interested me with one caveat, I had to master it, I could not quit but had to get to the level where I could teach it or in a few cases where I really sucked at it, gave it a good try. Sometimes as mom will tell you it was a fight (red-headed temper tantrum) to master and I wanted to quit far sooner than I should. This I think prepared me for the real world and showed me that I really could do anything I set my mind to.

Photography is the 'latest destination' on my career path, if you look at my resume you'll be amzed at the diversity of the careers. Interestingly enough I have been an artist with each of them and in some way photography or graphics has played a role in doing my job.

A year ago, if you had told me I would be saying I am a PHOTOGRAPHER, I would have told you that MIKE is the photographer, I scrapbook them and use them but I really don't do the picture taking. To my husband, thanks for the encouragement and support even if I did 'steal' your camera away.

Another question from the list is "What does the future look like for opportunities in your field?" My best answer is wide open! Our career as photographers has been full of opportunities. We started our business on a dream and with our families, friends and collegues sharing knowledege and support, the future holds promise and the opportunity for Mike & I to do what we love together for many years to come.

Here's to dreams and making them reality!


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    On 7:45 PM Anonymous said...

    Hello, my name is Emmerson. I was one of the students in the photography class during your slideshow presentation last Wed. I just wanted to say i very much enjoyed watching your slideshow and also that its great to see someone that has made a career out of photography; as it is something that i wish to persue as a career myself. Thank you for your time and I hope you continue to make great work & that your business does well in the future as well.

    On 8:10 PM Unknown said...

    I am a photography student at North Cobb. I just wanted to let you know that your lecture that you gave the class, to me, was very inspiring. Your job is the exact job I hope to have. Taking pictures of people is my passion. My favorite thing is getting that moment as you mentioned. It is pretty much my life, and I could not see myself living without it. I wish I could make a job out of it, but my parents say that I wont make a lot of money out of it, but i told them as long as I am doing what I love, and can meet basic bill payments, I will be filled with happiness. You mentioned that if you do a shoot, you wouldn't mine having one of us present, if the family is of course willing and not uncomfortable, but I would be very interested in doing that. I will have to wait to get my camera though, which is very soon, my dad is loaning me the money, but I have to get a job first. I know you can take great shots with a point and shoot camera, but i highly prefer to have my dream camera [Canon Rebel XTI]. So if it is o.k with you, I would love to have the chance to take pictures with you and be prone to more experience in shooting people.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this.
    Megan Deerman

    On 12:35 PM Catherine said...

    I am glad that I made an impact on both of you! Photography is a passion for me and I am glad that you see that the future holds amazing things, even if like me you did not plan it that way.

    Megan, Mike & I will watch your blog and see where you go.