It's Spring!

The season of flowers (and pollen here in the south), proms and graduations. We had the opportunity to help a friend give a wonderful graduation gift to a lovely and deserving young lady. Jessica is the oldest of Deb & David's three daughters and Mike & I really enjoyed the session with her and her family.

Here are a few of our favorite pictures, Jessica you have such a great smile and your personality really shines. I hope you enoy these, we'll have your slideshow and gallery up soon.

Jessica with her sisters, Lauren and Mychael.

The Girls and Mom trying (not) to drop Jessica

Daddy's Girls

My thanks to Lynn for helping us meet this wonderful Family! I hope we have the opportunity to photograph the girls again.

Good luck to Jessica as she graduates and heads to college.


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    On 3:45 PM Kari said...

    What great images of these sisters! They will cherish these forever. It wont be long and they will be off doing their own thing, but they will always have these images which shows a great family!

    On 9:30 PM abcdef said...

    These are absoolutely fabulous! I love 2, 14, & 16!!!