Happy Easter!

I hope you all had a good spring break and Easter Holiday (if you celebrate it)

On Saturday, Emma, Connor and I joined my sister-in-law, Robin, and baby Gabriel at Dogwood Church's Easter Celebration while Mike & Colin were working with Concept Events Catering Company moving things into their new office & kitchen.

The church had 18,000 plastic easter eggs filled with candy and toys for the egg hunts. They held a number fo hunts for the kids throughout the morning and from the looks of things everyone went home with FULL baskets! They also had jumpy things and a petting zoo with the largest rabbit ever, (it was bigger than our 25 pound cat!) a camel and the cutest baby goats. Even though it was in the 40's there were kids enjoying the free snowcones (my kids included)

Here are some pictures from the morning...

Emma watching Gabriel in the stroller. Due to the weather he was dressed in a snoopy snowsuit and looked like Randy in the Christmas Story... I can't put my arms down!!!

The Hunt is on... the 3rd to 5th graders look for eggs in the field

Before the hunt began... there were LOTS of eggs for the kids to find

Emma & Connor (far right) looking for eggs

Emma being diligent and filling the bucket carefully, I think she only wanted pink and purple eggs and was looking for pretty ones (she found a glitter egg and was looking for more)

Some eggs yielded cute chickies that happily posed for their picture in front of some of Emma's fancy eggs.

My nephew, Gabriel, is now 3 months old and Emma & I took the opportunity to take MORE photographs of him so stay tuned for his pictures to be posted to the blog soon. Emma is becoming quite the helper with babies and with photography.


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    On 9:29 PM abcdef said...

    Oh I bet you guys had so much fun. So how many eggs did we find?

    On 11:43 PM Mike said...

    A grocery bag full for Connor and a bucket full for Emma! More candy, tattoos, and trinkets than they possibly could ever need!