Jenica's Girls

Baby Lyllia is 2 months old so I visited with Jenica and the girls last week for a lunchtime session. Jazlyn had fun playing with my new props, a green metal stool, buckets and a watering can. Even though Lyllia was not as cooperative as we would have liked there are some good pictures.

Here are a few of my favorites of the day...

Watering the 'Flowers'

Making a pansy boquet

I love her expressions!!!

Kissing on Baby Lyllia

More kisses for her baby sister!

Stay tuned for next month's session with the whole family!


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    aww! pretty light! i just love little girls in pigtails. great job!

    On 12:14 AM Anonymous said...

    How CUTE!

    On 12:43 AM -Matt said...

    2 and 6 are definitely my favorites - she's SOOOO cute! Kissing on the sista is the way to be. Frame that and remind her in 10 years, right? :)

    Great work as always!!!

    On 6:33 PM abcdef said...

    Thanks for dropping by, and for the thoughtful and kind words of encouragement you guys left for me. I really appreciate it, and having you both as friends!

    We don't get together as often as we should, but hopefully when things get better, we can set aside some time to go hang out.

    BTW: These pics are so playful and adorable! Good light & GREAT job!ight.

    On 8:17 PM Unknown said...

    To Mike:
    Hey I couldn't find his page thing, but im just responding to his comment, so if you could get this to him, that would be great! Tell him #5 was a mistake, it was bad timing and the camera im using sucks, so it has a HUGE shutter lag, and I also moved the camera trying to keep up with her swinging since i don't have control over my F stops and Shutter Speeds OR ISO. I'm actually surprised to find that he liked shot #5 because my teacher absolutely HATED it. I also have a question, over the summer i have to make a portfolio for my teacher to get into Spring Advanced Placement Photography to prove that can handle the responsibility, so i was wondering sometime after two weeks, do you think i can join you on some shootings just to see if i can build a strong portfolio? Also, North Cobb would love to see you guys at the art show in 2 weeks.
    There is going to be TONS of photography.


    Hi..this is Vicki with Look Photo - saw your message on my blog -- thanks for checking it out. Your work is fantastic...maybe next year we can meet up at WPPI.

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