Lane and Haley, what an awesome couple! We are shooting their wedding next month in Alabama, but this past Thursday we met up with them at Kennesaw Mountain Park for their engagement session. They both love the outdoors, so we all agreed this would be a great place to do some outdoor shots! It had been cold and rainy the day before, but we were blessed with such a beautiful, crisp Spring afternoon for pictures. Lane and Haley have a beautiful baby girl that came along for pictures as well, and she did great! We meandered amongst the fields, hiking trails, and picknik areas, laughing and having a great time!

Lane and Haley, we had such a great time hanging out with you! We know your wedding is just going to be awesome and we cant wait to be a part of your special day!

To view your engagement slideshow from the afternoon , Click here .

We have so many great pictures from the afternoon its hard to pick just a few. Here are some that we really liked, but there are plenty more!

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    On 12:47 AM Anonymous said...

    These are great! What a cute couple, and they did good on the clothes too, contrasting against the backgrounds. I love that last shot!

    On 6:26 PM Lisa Walsh said...

    Very nice! They look so natural in front of the camera.++


    Fun shots!


    Mike and Catherine,

    These are so fun! I love the 4th shot with the ring in the foreground! What a cute couple and family. I am sure you will have lots of wonderful wedding images to share soon.

    On 9:51 AM Anonymous said...

    Like everyone else said... fun shoot! The 2nd B&W rocks my socks! Great job guys!

    On 10:32 AM Rachel said...

    Mike, Nice work. Rachel and I were just looking through the photos. They should be stoked about these. Glad they found you to shoot their wedding.


    On 12:52 PM Mike said...

    Thanks for the kind comments everyone! Haley tells us she is going to be wearing "flip flops", so that should be an indication of how much fun this will be!


    Mike, what a fun session. I love love the black and white silhouette shots. Fantastic.

    On 6:35 PM abcdef said...

    WOW!!!! These are super cute. I love the b&w one where you have the siloutte. I also love the fence shot too. You guys have been BUSY!!!

    On 1:08 AM Rebekah said...

    That sihouette shot is fantastic. Great work!!