Due to techinical difficulties it took us a bit longer to get Kai & Aaron's engagement session slide show completed. (Thanks David J for help with the Showit problem)

It can be found on our website and features a song that Kai recorded.

Click Here to View The Show

We had such a good time with Kai & Aaron and wish them well with their wedding on December 9th!

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    Mike and Catherine, What an awesome show!! I loved it! I love that song too!++ :)

    On 3:00 PM Dustin Izatt said...

    Wow, great job guys, looks like you had a lot of fun. Keep up the good work :)

    On 8:37 PM Anonymous said...

    Fantastic slide show! You captured such natural interaction, and they seem so comfortable in front of the camera. You can really see the love between them. Beautiful work. ++


    Darn! The song wouldn't load on my mac. But I LOVE the pictures. Such beautiful colors and light. Debbie's right -- the DO look so comfortable in front of the camera!


    Very nice job done on the slideshow! I love your images. ++ They do look comfortable and the emotions come out naturally.

    On 11:28 PM Mike said...

    Thanks everyone for the comments! The shoot was a ton of fun, and putting the slideshow to a song recorded by Kai made it even more special!