What do you call 100 awesome photographers in one place at one time? Well, we are not sure, but I can tell you that its more excitement and opportunity for growth than we can describe! Last week we attended the OSP South gathering of wedding photographers in Chattanooga, TN. Photographers came from all around, not just from the south, but from the northeast, the midwest, the southwest, and the west coast.

OSP, a professional photographer forum created by the incredible David Jay, is a community where photographers share their thoughts, experiences, and knowledge in an effort to help others build their businesses. We were treated to learning sessions, exciting impromptu photoshoots, delicious meals, and most importantly the building of heartfelt friendships! There were so many great and talented people there that we met that it would be impossible to name them all here! We enjoyed meeting all of you and exchanging ideas and good times!

We would like to thank our hosts Amber and Nathan Holritz and Joy and Garrett Nudd, a couple of husband and wife teams from Chattanooga, that opened their homes and studios and put in some major work to make sure everyone had a good time. We would also like to thank Mark, Erin, Andrew, and Rachel of LaCour who made a special trip to teach us some key points about visual storytelling. Thank you, thank you all, for this special time!

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    Thanks Mike and Catherine for coming to OSPS. Thank you also for making the awesome cake and for being so thoughtful...ALWAYS! Hopefully we can spend more time together since we are nearby now :)


    jn, gn...and gn


    You guys are incredible. Thanks so much for coming and spending time in rainy chattanooga. The two of you have such an incredible spirit!



    It was soooooooooo great to meet you at OSPS! I wish we could have gotten more time to chat! Thanks for continuing to uplift me with your wonderful comments on my blog. We'll see where my wings take me! :-)