Sometimes you get amazing ideas from your children! Our daughter Emma is 8 years old and every Thursday she brings home a folder full of school work from the past week. We always go through it and admittedly most of it hits the circular file (how many spelling and math tests do we need to save?!) Today though a piece caught my eye, here's what was on the piece of notebook paper...


“If you keep on doing what you have always done, you are going to keep getting what you have always gotten.”
- John Maxwell

My opinion is that he has always got something expensive.
Another is that he will always get recess.
That he will always get his way.
The last one is that he will always get friends

I talked with her after I read it and her thought process made sense, he always had everything he needed so therefore in her opinion he would always get the same.

She has a child's faith and has seen God provide (well except for the week that we made the kids eat what ever we had on hand in the house, no food wasting, eating out or trips to the grocery - they hated it! I know she thought prayers went unanswered, though they were as we had enough to sustain us till payday and the fridge was cleaned out!)

The quote is a powerful one and fits so well with the place Mike & I are at right now. We are going full steam with photography as a business. We have to be brave enough to change what we are doing and try something different, to step out on the edge or even jump off. Otherwise we will never move forward, we'll always be good photographers thinking of making a career of it.

What "rut" are we in that we need to get out of so that we can get more? For me it is time to make that "want to do" list count and see what happens.


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    You guys are doing great! ...and if your daughter is already reading Maxwell at age 10 you better watch out! You have a future leader on your hands!

    The new website looks great too!



    Age 8! Wow! Incredible!

    On 11:31 PM Mike said...

    Thanks DJ for stopping by! Not sure how much maxwell shes reading in a third grade class, but she knows how to form an opinion on what she hears or reads! Dont be a stranger, and thanks for all your help!