Amanda And Nate

Last week while in Chattanooga, we did some photo shoots late Monday afternoon. Nate and Amanda, a young couple very much in love, gave us the opportunity to shoot a "We Did" session just as the day was ending. The "We Did" session is a lot like an engagement session, but for married couples. These shoots are generally a little more "hot" image-wise, as they celebrate the new and passionate love of newlyweds. Nate and Amanda definitely lived up to and surpassed our expectations! This was really a fun shoot for us as Amanda and Nate are awesome photographers themselves! Check out their work at Turtle Pond Photography. Below are a few images from the shoot that we liked, but Amanda and Nate's Slideshow is the one we really like! Enjoy your slideshow, we had a blast putting it together for you!

Mike and Catherine

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    Great emotion!!! Amanda and Nate are putting out the heat in these! I love the idea of the "We Did" shoots. It is just such a great way for the bride and groom to show how in love they are! What a lot of fun it must have been! ++Becky

    On 9:08 PM Jill Higgins said...

    I love the angle you used on #6 - it's a different angle for that shot and I really like it! I know Nate and Amanda will love them all! :) ++


    I agree, great emotion and great colors! My fave is #1++ So pretty and nice composition. You're so lucky to get to spend time with Nate and Amanda! HOT!