The weather is cooling off, shoppers jam the stores, and the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season has arrived. And along with the holiday festivities, Santa has made his appearance!

Thursday evening was the Baker Elementary Holiday PTA fundraiser, and Catherine and I were there to shoot "Pictures with Santa" as a way to help raise funding for new playground equipment. We spent a few days prior to the event putting together a faux window backdrop and Christmas tree setup for the shoot. We put together a package that includes a 5x7 and 4 wallet pictures that the parents are sure to enjoy! We will also be producing a slideshow that they can link from the PTA website. Proceeds from the shoot go to the PTA fund.

We would like to thank Baker PTA (and Santa) for including us in their fundraiser, and hope that next year we can get even more kids to have their pictures made! Santa was awesome! The kids had a blast talking with Santa and telling him their Christmas wishes. We had a great time hearing some of their requests! And of course, there were plenty of big smiles for those getting their picture made! Here are a few of them!

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    Aww! I always love pictures with Santa! Can't wait till I have a kiddo to sit in Santa's lap! :)

    Hope all is well!!