Ten Years Ago

these were the words on our wedding announcement....

A heart to laugh with,
A hand to hold
A new excitement,
Never old.

A fresh beginning from day to day
And simple pleasures along the way
A pleasant walk...
A favorite song...
A life worthwhile...

A special love flowing wild and free
And all the blessings a marriage can be.

It's hard to believe that 10 years has gone by, we've grown closer, older, wiser and unfortunately wider. We each came into the marriage from failed ones with 2 kids in tow, and then were joined shortly after by a little girl that melted all our hearts. We've weathered storms together and somehow we've survived and our love is stronger today than on that cold windy Sunday in 1997. Above is the "official" announcement portrait, there are a few that Mike took on our wedding day, but only one of us together. Below is a picture from this summer that Emma took.

To my dear husband, my knight and number one supporter and cheerleader... I love you now much more than I did when we got married. You have supported me in so much and put up with my quirks, health issues and "job" changes. I think I finally decided what I want to be when I grow up, but I am content in knowing that if it changes, you'll be there supporting me! Here's to the next 10 years! Oh yeah, By the way...

Because we are shooting a wedding tomorrow we are postponing our celebration. We want to hear from our blog readers how we should celebrate this milestone anniversary. The best suggestion will win a prize!!!! So add a comment telling us what you think would be a great celebration for us, we'll pick a winner on December 15th.



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    On 10:10 PM Anonymous said...

    Yeah for you guys!

    Huge congrats from the other side of the world!!!

    as for celebration...... what's bigger than going to the other side of the world...... we have penguins you know....real ones..... mostly we keep them as pets, to play icehockey with.......they make awesome goalies - have you ever tried to go blocker-side on a little blue??

    So you know who it was that left this comment....

    Here's to the next 10 eh!

    On 10:43 PM Anonymous said...

    Firstly, Congratulations to you both!!!

    Have a wedding reception with your friends and family!! Make it fun-- wear t-shirts that say "bride" & "groom" OR "I celebrated my 10th anniversay and all I got was this t-shirt" (you can put this together on the cheap!) Have a potluck or bbq (yes, you can pull this off in the winter!) Make a scavenger hunt with your guests and have the clues be part of your wedding memories or your life together that other people would know. How about a trivia game with facts about your history? May seem a little tacky but sure would be memorable and lots of fun!!


    Awwe! That is so cool you guy's!!
    Congratulations! I think you should do something romantic, i.e. a carriage ride or dinner cruise etc.

    On 2:31 AM LuckyRedHen said...

    Sweet on ya for 10 years! Love the old pic post (I might have to copy that idea).

    I suggest you go someplace that is remote, yet beautiful and still as silence to be together.


    Congratulations on your anniversary! Hope you have a wonderful celebration - whenever and wherever. Many blessings on the next 10 years!

    On 9:02 PM Frank DiMeo said...

    Congratulations and many blessings Mike and Catherine! Many more too!

    Go get a swank hotel Room with a heart shaped jacuzzi, some nice wine and cheese, a big bowl of shrimp, and just kick back and relax for a day or two.

    On 10:46 PM abcdef said...

    A BIG BELATED CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I hope you had a wonderful anniversary. Here's to many many more anniversaries!