Holiday Antics...

One of the things about our family is that we love to have fun! If you've read our blog lately you know that... We met at my parent's house last weekend to take some pictures for my Grandmother's Christmas present and ended up with pictures for our holiday card as well, featuring our son Colin and his cousin, Casey, as they hammed it up for the camera.

Also Mike's penguin saga continues as the following items have appeared on his nightstand the last 3 days...

A jar filled with cherry cordial and milk chocolate kisses (we're hiding this one from the kids!) and a glass adorned with penguins and filled with glitter and floating snowflakes. The ibuprofen was already on the table but is good for the headaches caused by teenagers and pengies. This snowglobe ornament below matches the pen that Mike received earlier.

We are off to go shopping for my christmas present this afternoon... I can't wait to get it in the house and start playing with it. I'll post pictures of it tomorrow!


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