Well the official end to summer has come and gone! The last family session of the summer was for our friend Amy and her kids, Emmalee and Noah. The photos from this session are a birthday present for her husband, Jim and showcase the personalities of their kids perfectly.

Emmalee is quite the ham, and seems to know when the camera is upon her and loves to "smile for the camera", thankfully her brother distracted her and we got some great images of her playing instead of posing.

Noah is a bundle of energy not unlike one of our boys and we had fun remembering our kids at this age. He did not want to sit still or pose for us at all, the ladder and slide were way too interesting.

Enjoy your slideshow guys! Click Here To View

I'm looking forward to Noah's party on Saturday (stay tuned for party pics) and Jim's on Sunday (I can't wait to see Jim's reaction to his surprise!)


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    On 9:33 PM Chad said...

    Great job! I love action shots of children, its all about catching the essence of a child and you definitely did that.



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    On 12:13 AM Steven Kang said...

    That was a beautiful slideshow.
    You did an awesome job.

    On 11:09 PM abcdef said...

    What a cute shot! They grow up all too fast.