A year ago Mike & Emma went camping and left me alone for the weekend... and I "stole" Mike's camera. (See Last Year's Post) Well a year later and the ride has been amazing as you can see in the blog posts since then!

Mike & Emma are celebrating Mike's Birthday (9/15) in the woods Father-Daughter Camping at Misty Mountain leaving me alone with my camera again.

This year I volunteered with friends at The Great Lake Allatoona Clean-Up capturing the story of the day instead of being a cleaner (Our Brownie troop cleaned last year and it was a blast!)

Voliunteers spent the morning cleaning debris from the lakeshore along Lake Allatoona. We were at Dallas Landing most of the morning with a group of Boy Scouts that camped there the night before and were finding some interesting things, chairs, a boat anchor and tires along with cans, bottles and plastic bags.

Once the cleaning was done the volunteers were treated to a picnic at Allatoona Dam. They had lunch served by local Boy Scouts, learned about water conservation and why we need to keep our lakes clean. Then a DJ got everyone energized, dancing & playing!

There was a competition for the Weirdest Treasure Found while cleaning, there were some great entries, a cell phone, broom, fish skeletons and this item...

The winners were a vintage beer can (do you remember straight sided cans with pull tabs?), a LARGE chain link from some huge equipment, and the first place winner, the mattress! The girls who found the mattress won a DVD player and were EXCITED!

There were also give aways from local businesses including the one every kid wanted a Kyak that a local Girl Scout won. It was a great day and Connor had fun being my assistant and even took some pictures.

I put together a slide show of the day - Take a look and enjoy!


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    i love what you did. me and daddy had fun. grate picures.

    On 2:30 AM Steven Kang said...

    happy birthday to Mike.
    you got some great coverage of the day. :)


    well happy belated birthday to you!

    september is a great month! the beginning of the end of the FL heat, the start of football season and our birthday!



    Great documentary and images! You should steal his camera more often.