I had the opportunity to photograph baby Aleksandr last week. He was such a cute little boy and like a rough and tumble little one, he scratched his nose just before the session. I so remember one of our boys doing a similar thing!

It was a fun way to spend my Friday morning and I really enjoyed meeting the family. Here are some of my favorite images from the session.

The rest are in the slideshow found here.


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    On 7:38 PM Rachel said...

    What a cutie! Great job capturing his expressions!!

    On 11:39 PM Steven Kang said...

    Hi Catherine,
    you did a great job of capturing the little one.


    Nice shots! Really fun moments

    On 5:36 PM abcdef said...

    Great captures! Such a little cutiepie and he looks like he was really hamming it for you. ;-)