Happy Birthday Noah!

My friend Noah turned 3 yesterday. On Saturday he had a party at the park on our street.

The park was filled with kids and laughter as they played on the playground, tried to catch bubbles, got 'tattoos' and feasted on cupcakes that Emma & I made.

I could not resist taking my camera and catching some moments! Here's some of my favorites. The rest can be found here.

Emmalee trying to catch the bubbles!

Noah being shy

Noah licking frosting off the candle...

The candle after the licking... he bit the end off the candle!!

Emmalee hamming it up for me. Thankfully the blowers were silent or we would have had a headache :)

Enjoy the rest of the cupcakes gang, we'll see you soon!


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    On 11:08 PM abcdef said...

    Oh these are precious!!! I love the bubbles. Great job on capturing the colors. We've really got to hang out soon. Hope all is well.

    On 3:16 PM Anonymous said...

    I love these. These are all great.

    On 10:14 PM Steven Kang said...

    Great pictures. I specially love the way you captured those bubbles.