Day At The Park

What to do when the kids get out of school early? Meet friends at the park and play and take pictures. Emma and I met my friend Nichole and her children at the park today for an afternoon sliding, swinging and having a blast.

Here are a few of the pictures from the trip. I have more so stay tuned for the slideshow later this week!

Bella with the fantastic eyes, I had fun taking your picture!

Sophie and her smile behind windblown hair. You did so great on the monkey bars, next time you'll go across all by yourself!

Joey, the ham! Who made friends where ever he went and even managed to charm the other parents into tying his shoes (did you untie them just to get them to talk to you?)

Baby Lilly, next time I hope to manage a smile with my camera in hand!

Nichole, Thanks for letting me borrow them for the afternoon, we'll do it again soon!


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    On 12:57 PM abcdef said...

    Oh these are great. I love the ones with Emma playing on the slide. Good job!


    Nice FUN captures! That first image is striking because of her deep blue eyes.