Another Baby Girl!

Baby Isabella made her appearance days after my maternity shoot with Steve & Sheila. I got to meet the beautiful girl on Sunday. Mom and Dad are starting to settle into the routine with a new baby. I know this little one is adored by her big sisters, parents and grandparents!

I know that Steve and Sheila are anxiously awaiting the photos, so here are some of my favorites from the session. You can view the slideshow on our website's Baby Stories Gallery or click here!

Sheila, Her Mother and Isabella, 3 generations of beautiful women
The Proud Grandparents!

and last but not least....

Daddy's ring on the toes!

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    On 9:34 AM Anonymous said...

    Nice shots, Mike! I love the ring-on-the-toes shot!

    On 9:38 PM abcdef said...

    OMG these are amazing. I can't choose a fav. I love the way you have captured the love and excitement in each one of the these images. Beautiful job!!!

    On 8:37 AM Anonymous said...

    I love your baby shots. You can feel the love!!


    Stunning images to go with the wonderful memories. I love the second image with the dad carressing and holding the child in hand. Beautiful moment!

    On 5:26 PM Jill Higgins said...

    Ohmygoodness...those are so precious I can't stand it! :)