It is hard to believe it has been over a month since Lyllia was born. I was so honored to be at her birth capturing images of Jenica and Steve as they worked together so well to bring her into the world. Here are the first few from her 1 month photo session. It has been a busy week so look for the slideshow to be posted to the website very soon.

Enjoy these few!

How about this for your easter basket. She looks peaceful!

My most requested 'pose' at the newborn sessions. Thank you Jenica for letting Steve's wedding ring come off just this once!

Colin, Jacob and Jazlyn with baby Lyllia

A bit of cuddling with daddy can be...

HAZARDOUS with a hungry baby and a bare chest!

She has changed a lot in a month and I can't wait till our next session at the park this spring!


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    On 1:23 AM abcdef said...

    Oh I love these, especially the 1st two. What a great idea using the basket. The next shots with the hands and and feet is soooo adorable.

    On 9:29 PM Kari said...

    The image of the dad with the baby on his chest just cracks me up! My kids used to do that to my husband. The first thing he would do when he picked them up was put on a tshirt. The sepia feet picture is gorgous! Keep up the good work!

    On 9:36 AM Anonymous said...

    Wow! That second one is truly beautiful! I love the sepia and the shine!