What do you do on a cold Saturday night in historic downtown Savannah Georgia? If you are hanging out with us, then you grab three beautiful ladies, put them in bridal gowns, and turn buildings, parks, fountains, and alleyways into a photoshoot in the pitch black dark! Using our highly capable digital camera gear, we wanted you to see just what kind of photos you could get under nothing but streetlamps. Well, we did use the occasional flash for a few, but most of these were shot with no additional camera lighting. We would love to hear what you think about these!

We cant thank Brooke, Chantel, and Jessica enough for their hard work on this night! Without their willingness to galavant all over Savannah for us in 40 degree temperatures, this would not have been possible! Thanks ladies, we had a great time and would love to do it again, when it warms up of course!

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    First off, love the idea of a bridal session under the street lights. Second off, love the color you have in some of these -- it just looks so classic!


    Sup gang! I love your night shots, I'm glad that paid off that ya'll stayed. The last shot is my favorite! :o)

    On 12:29 AM abcdef said...

    OMG you guys did such a great on the nightime shoot. I love the ones of Brooke near the glass door.