Baby Lyllia

There is nothing more special than a new baby! I was blessed to be present as this beautiful girl entered the world two weeks ago. I posted a few pictures from the birth but did not share the slideshow - so here it is - Enjoy!

I visited with Jenica & Steve earlier this week to share the birth photos with them and to take some more pictures of Lyllia. I will be following their family through 2007 to chronicle Lyllia's first year so look for more pictures to come! In working on this project I have made new friends and look forward to the next photo session.

Here are some of my favorites from the session last week.

Jenica, again I want to thank you and your family for the opportunity to be at Lyllia's birth it was an amazing experience!

See you soon,


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    On 10:20 PM abcdef said...

    These turned out so beautiful, Cat. What an honor to get to photograph something this precious.