Have you ever heard of "Trashing the Dress"? It's a totally new, artistic, and fun expression that some brides are finding irresistable! You plan your beautiful wedding, find the perfect dress, get married, then...you pack that dress away in a box or bag for the rest of your life. It will never see the light of day again. Think you are going to hand it down to your daughter? Think the style and size will be just what she wants? Not! So think about it, wouldn't you rather take that dress after the wedding is over and make some gorgeous and unusal photographs that you will truely remember! Photographs where you no longer have to worry about getting that dress dirty, or wet?

Well, to show you what this is all about, Catherine and I met up with a group of professional wedding photographers in the beautiful city of Savannah GA for a dress trashing party! Having some beautiful models and beautiful dresses on hand, we put these model brides in the swamp, in the fountain, and in the ocean to give you an idea of what these photo sessions could be like. Unfortunately we missed the trip to the swamp because of travel arrangements. These pictures are Ally in the fountain. We will be posting up Ally and Jenny in the ocean in the next day or so. Enjoy!

Mike and Cat

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    On 8:00 PM Jill Higgins said...

    Nice shots! The first one is my fav! It was great seeing y'all. I wish there had been more time for hanging out! :)

    On 10:18 PM abcdef said...

    OMG! I just LOVE the color and style of 1 & 2 and the one of Ally under the fountain bowl. All the pics are incredible.