A new "toy"

Mike and I invested in Showit Web and LOVE it. Here's my first slideshow featuring pictures from the other evening playing with the kids. Enjoy!!!
Now off to work on our website...

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    On 10:22 AM abcdef said...

    Hey we are neighbors. I've finally found another photography blog that's located in the state of GA! I so jealous you have the Showit software. Congrats! I know you have to be loving it!!!


    Show It is sooo great! :) I'm sure you're loving it!!!

    Cute slideshow of the kiddos!

    On 11:49 AM Liana said...

    Aren't slideshows addicting?

    On 11:01 AM STUDIOvitae said...

    ShowIt's an awesome tool! Have fun with it!++


    Isn't Showit the greatest thing ever?? Your kids are beautiful!! Great first show!!++


    How fun. LOVE slideshows. There should be a chanel on tv just for slideshows. Great job! ++

    On 1:08 PM julie said...

    i love the free hugs!

    great job on the slideshow! can't wait to see more.

    On 3:44 PM Anonymous said...

    Great, something else to purchase! Looks like a lot of fun. Nice job!


    I agree! Slide shows are TOTALLY addicting and so much fun to make. Your clients will love them, and you'll make the investment on the software back on the first job from all the REFERRALS!

    I love the "free hugs" too!



    Hi Mike! Yes! Don't you love Show It?? It is ingenious. I love the playful shots of your kids--they're precious! Thank you for sharing and be blessed!++


    On 4:33 PM Lloyd said...

    Nice++ show dood! Showitweb is awesome. Definitely one of the best 'toys' in my toolbox!

    On 1:31 AM Yunna said...

    +Awww+! Looks like you had a great time with the family. Got some great emotion captured! I really like the shot of the young girl laughing. Nice!!


    Hey Mike
    looks like you're having a blast with this slideshow++, nice images too!

    On 10:03 AM Jan Garcia said...

    I'm probably the last to get Showit! Looks like I'll be getting it soon :)


    So awesome! Looks like you had fun with the kids! ++

    On 5:44 PM Mike said...

    Thank you all for visiting! I think "Free Hugs" is one of my favorites! We are working on getting things up and running, so look for more in the near future!