Last week, we attended a gathering of local Atlanta and southeastern area photographers hosted by the awesome team of Andrew and Rachel Niesen and Mark and Erin Adams of LaCour Studios . With help from the fantastic teams of Amber and Nathan Holritz and Joy and Garrett Nudd , the evening was highlighted with great food, much fun, discussion, and networking opportunities. As explained by Andrew, their goal is not only to build community with their clients, but also to build community with the photographers in the local market. With the rapid and changing nature of photography, a closely knit community of professionals sharing ideas, successes, failures, and experiences strengthens our abilities as professional photographers to offer better products and services to our customers.

Photography by Mike and Catherine is proud to be a part of this growing community and would like to thank Andrew, Rachel, Mark, and Erin for including us in this opportunity. We met many fine photographers from our area and look forward to being contributors to continuing to build this community of outstanding professionals.

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    On 6:17 PM Catherine said...

    I could have not said it better! I am excited at the opportunity to learn from everyone. - Cat


    Sounds like you had a great time -- look forward to meeting you someday soon Mike!

    On 10:58 PM Mike said...

    Dan, thanks for stopping by our little informal internet home! Yes, it was a great time meeting some fantastic folks. Im sure somewhere down the way we will meet up!