Wednesday night I attended the monthly meeting of the Atlanta Pictage Users Group (PUG) with about 20 other area photographers. Catherine and I are currently researching ordering, printing, and album options, so Pictage is definitely on our list as a possible solution for order fulfillment. We had some great munchies, including some delicious spice cupcakes, and generally had a blast networking with other local wedding photographers at the meeting and at dinner afterwards.

The highlight of the meeting was a presentation on the business of photography by the extremely talented and business savvy Liana Lehman of Liana Photography. Liana is an award winning photographer and instructor, and her presentation of business requirements and facts were "eye popping" to say the least! Her discussions, touching on areas of planning, budgeting, marketing, pricing, accounting, and ongoing analysis, show just how many things have to click in order to run a successful photography business. I would like to thank Liana for presenting this extremely important information to the group!

So if I wash all this down to my perspective, there is a lot of hard, time consuming, and often unnoticed work that occurs to produce a quality finished product for the customer. As a professional photographer, I want to know that I am doing all that I can to run my business in a cost effective and successful manner. As a customer, you want to know that the photographer or studio that you select to capture your life's most precious moments will still be in business down the road when you are ready to capture that next timeless moment. As consumers, we all know there are many ways to "cut corners" in today's photographic market, especially with the advent of digital technology. But will you get that special moment preserved in its most beautiful way, destined to be an heirloom for your children or your children's children? Support your chosen photographer, you will be glad you did!

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    Sounds like you had fun! I'll be hanging with PUG Orlando group on Tuesday. Timco asked me to come model... ahhhhhh, kind of nerve wracking with 13 cameras on me! But it will be fun to see what these PUG meetings are all about! Anyways, thanks so much for the latest wonderful comments about my new video! Have a good weekend!

    On 11:49 AM Liana said...

    Hey Mike - so glad to have you at the PUG! Thanks for the continued encouragement and I'm glad I didn't inflict a headache on at least one of the people there! LOL. I REALLY really like what you said about "As customers, you know we will still be in business down the road." SO true. Such a great perspective!!

    On 12:48 PM -Matt said...

    *clap clap ++ clap*

    Mike - great post, glad that you can see what you need to do! I hope it all works out - your stuff is great! Good job & keep up the work!