Ever think about being married long enough to reach your golden anniversary? We recently photographed the 50th anniversary of a couple that did just that, and they are so blessed to still be going strong! What a wonderful celebration of marriage, raising children, and dealing with the every day stresses of life.

The celebration party for Hudon and Carolene was attended by over 200 family and friends in the glow of a beautiful Saturday evening at their farm. They used to have a catering business and made wedding cakes, so the food was absolutely outstanding. There was grilled pork, black-eyed peas, green beans, cole slaw, fried okra, jalapeno corn muffins, and plenty of other goodies! Some of their good friends performed gospel songs from the sheltered entertainment area down under the big oak trees. The evening ended with a wonderful slideshow of pictures collected over the years. Beginning with the couples childhood pictures, progressing through their marriage and child raising years, and continuing on through today, we enjoyed seeing the many celebrations and blessings of the years gone by.

We would like to thank Hudon and Carolene for including us in their celebration and we wish them many more years of happiness! A few pictures are posted below or click here to see our slideshow of their celebration evening.

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    On 7:39 PM Laura said...

    Oooh- these are lovely! I love the garden path all lit up naturally. It creates such a mood in the image! Awesome! :0) ++